One and a half centuries ago,the LAMBETH Conference was initiated to bring Anglican Bishops together to strengthen the common identity and to create fresh binding factors to enhance the mission of this expression of Christian faith. Anglicans throughout the World have been respecting the autonomy of each province throughout the globe by understanding diversity in unity of this community with peace and harmony.

The role of the LAMBETH Conference has been to guide the communion with the global and local realities faced by this Christian community. The agreements of the LAMBETH Conferences have been guiding the Anglicans in each geographical area with their contextual realities.

In the recent past with the development of technology and modern communication methods the happenings of the 'corners of the World' have been influencing each other crossing the geographical boundaries of the human settlements. This has really created a better awareness of the expressions of faith of the 'other sisters and brothers' throughout the World. In this regard, where the Anglican identity is concerned; the harmony between sister faiths & ideologies and sexual orientation of various people have become prominent issues within the communion.

Anglican communion throughout the World has been guided by the five Marks of Mission namely to Tell or proclaim the Good News, to Teach, to Tend, to Treasure and to Transform our lives. These Mark's have become meaningful and effective in protecting, sustaining and developing our faith in the Triune God. These Marks have guided various provinces with their own Theological interpretations on the Word of God. Today we find that these theologies on the Word of God have a variety and diversity of expressions, underpinned with their cultural and traditional understandings. In this background some provinces have been finding it difficult to relate to other provinces because of these different theological understandings.

Therefore with these five Marks of mission today, there is a necessity as members of the Anglican communion to 'transcend' our boundaries to accommodate our sisters and brothers of the Communion with their expressions of faith. As we learn to transcend our comfortable boundaries we need to create space for our fellow human beings as sisters and brothers in Christ. This is a painful process where our strong views are challenged. Yet our Triune God who is a diversity in unity calls us to journey with our sisters and brothers in spite of our various differences.

LAMBETH Conference of 2022 under the leadership of the present Archbishop of Canterbury has created space with the theme "God's Church for God's World" with the Biblical inspiration from the first Letter of Peter in the New Testament for this journey by introducing LAMBETH calls instead of resolutions to strengthen each other with love and understanding. Therefore, Let us make use of this great opportunity "the LAMBETH Conference" to enhance our faith by coming together to create a better future for the Anglican communion to get involved in His mission to work for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

Keerthisiri Fernando

Presiding Bishop


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